Internal Combustion Engine Courses

BoostBusters speciality are courses for Internal Combustion Engines with a focus on Gas Exchange and Charging Systems for Four- and Two-Stroke Engines.

Our courses

BoostBusters provides courses for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). We have basic courses for Compression Ignition (CI) or Spark Ignition (SI) operated as either four- or two-stroke engines. For you who already have good knowledge in ICE we offer advance in the courses in gas exchange pttrocess where you learn more about valve, cam and manifold design. The next step will be our courses in charging systems like Supercharging and Turbocharging. We have our own Text Book which you can order for studies on your own. Or use our core business which is courses through Teams into your own computor. Just contact us and lets see what can be arranged!

Lennarth Zander during his defending at Chalmers

"A decent engine provides one power pulse at each top dead center"

About BoostBusters

BoostBusters started 2001 and the company is based on our experimental and simulation work with two- and four-stroke engines. We have been working with two- and four-stroke car, motorbike and heavy duty engines together with different engine manufactors since 1982. In 2006 our text book "Gas exchange and Charging Systems for Internal Combustion Engines" was released by the publisher JURE where you can order it for self studies. Lennarth Zander is the CEO and became PhD in the subject of "Afterburner assisted Turbocharger System for Two-Stroke SI-engines" 2022 at Chalmers University of Technology.